Boban Token Detailed Project Description (Cryptoasset) : Boban BB is inspired by most of crypto investors, a character that is dreaming about making many Xs from his investments. We at Boban BB are a community oriented projected with the goal to find like minded people that want to make money in crypto. Boban BB will offer everyone a chance at this.

Token email address :

Token Project Launch Date : 01.12.2023.

Token Project Name : Boban

Token Project Ticker/Symbol : BB

Token Platform (e.g. EOS, NEO, Ethereum, proprietary blockchain). : BNB Chain ERC-20 ,

Website URL :

Token Platform of Contract Address :

Token Contract Address : 0x183d66384b0f2c099e622403b9cce4b52b524334

Token Social media Links: ,

Token Circulating Supply : 8,580,000

Token Total Supply : 8,580,000

Token Max Supply : 10,000,000


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